Luxury in motion Fleet


  • Mercedes Benz

You can choose from luxurious Mercedes Benz Class S and Class E vehicles, for special occasions where elegance and comfort are paramount. You will enjoy the services of a specialised chauffeur in your language while you sit back and enjoy the ample space in your Mercedes Benz vehicle, a make which combines tradition and modernity.

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter Luxe wagon

Ideal for continuing to take decisions with your work group during the trip. It has 8 spacious seats (plus the driver) arranged around a central table, a screen with HDMI input for PC and built-in Blue Ray. The vehicle also includes a fridge, central table and independent light in each seat. There is no need to stop your business activities while you travel. You can sit back and continue working while a professional chauffeur who speaks your language takes you to your destination.

  • Lincoln

A distinguished car for special occasions. A classic brand well known for its luxurious models which is perfectly suited for weddings, events or presentations. A chauffeur will offer a VIP service in your preferred language, so that you can just relax and enjoy the special occasion.


Our service undertaking includes impeccable maintenance of our vehicles in our own garages. All our vehicles have:

·         Passed their M.O.T. (vehicle aptitude test)
·         Transport permit
·         Maintenance
·         Regular inspections
·         Insurance policy in force